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Speaker: Suzanne Gordon

The Fight


Veterans Health Care

Federally-funded veterans’ health care is now being restructured so that billions of tax payer dollars will flow to private doctors and for-profit hospitals with little experience treating veterans. SUZANNE GORDON is co-editor of a Cornell University Press series on The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work. She has written or co-authored many books, most recently The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare and Beyond The Checklist

Co-Sponsored by:
Bethlehem Neighbors For Peace

Capital District Democratic Socialists of America

Capital District Socialist Party
American Federation of Government Employees Local 3343

James Connolly Social Club

James Connolly Upstate N.Y. IWW Branch

The James Connolly Forum

7:00pm, Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

Oakwood Community Center


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