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Friday, November 3

Creating an Ecological Society:

Toward a Revolutionary Transformation

In this Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, photo provided by Trudy Lampson, residents of the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas, sit in waist-deep flood waters caused by Hurricane Harvey. 

Fred Magdoff 

                                                                                                           Fred Magdoff is Emeritus Professor of Plant and Soil Science at the University of Vermont.

The recent disasters created by Hurricane Irma and Maria make the urgency of a response to climate change critical. Magdoff and his co-author Chris Williams have written a book that aims squarely at replacing capitalism with an ecologically sound and socially just society. Creating an Ecological Society is filled with revolutionary hope.


The James Connolly Forum is held in the Troy, New York neighborhood where Connolly lived in Troy for several years in the early twentieth century. 96 Ingalls Avenue, his main residence while he was in Troy, is only a few blocks away from the Oakwood Community Center, where the forum is held. Just down the hill on 8th, as it happens, is the former home of Kate Mullaney , the pioneering organizer of female laundry workers in Troy. The house is now recognized as a national historic site. The forum is regularly co-sponsored by  labor and activist groups, like the Troy Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, and the Media Alliance. The Oakwood Community Center was formerly the Oakwood Presbyterian Church, whose origins go back to the abolitionist movement. Steeped in this history, the forum prides itself in welcoming speakers in the Connolly tradition.

“When I think about reassembling something that looks like the networks that sustained the old Socialist Party of America and its organs like Appeal to Reason, I think to the example of the James Connolly Forum. It’s warm, welcoming, accessible, and sorely in need of replication.”
Bhaskar Sunkara: Editor: Jacobin Magazine


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